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nrelate – Related Posts Widget

Driving traffic to a website is an important task but engaging readers to dig dipper in your website content also demands at most attention. But how to do that? For this, web is loaded with many related posts widgets supporting different platforms. Use one of them and our problem is solved. But wait, choosing the right one again demands clear observations. 
After using some of them I finally decided to stick with nrelate related posts widget thus saving your time and clearing your confusion over which one to choose. Let me review it for you.

nrelate related post widget
nrelate is a third-party related post widget which is quite easy to use and provides users with an option to show related posts widget in two ways one via text and another via thumbnail images. Before that I was using Outbrain which also works fine but the Outbrain related posts are not as relevant to the article as I would want them to be.
Advantages of using nrelate over other related post widget :-
  • Shows relevant content in the nrelate related posts widget(You can set the content relevancy level as per your needs).
  • Advertising revenue share program.
  • One can share content from the websites listed in your blog roll.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Helps in decreasing the Bounce rate.
  • Click Through Rate increases.
In all, a must have widget for better engagement of readers with the content.
    How to Install it(On Blogger)?
    • Visit nrelate.
    • Click on install button and choose the blogging platform(WordPress or Blogger).
    • You can install this widget without registration but to gain full control I would recommend you to sign up.
    • After sign up, click on install button and enter the URL of the blog where you want to install the widget.
    • Now Choose one of the option
    Installation Option nrelate related post widget
    • A new window will open, click on ADD WIDGET button.
    add widget
    • As soon as you click on the ADD WIDGET button, you will be redirected to your Blogger`s Dashboard > Design > Page Elements with the following message.
    nrelate has been added to your page
    • To customize the widget as per your needs, go to "Manage Settings" Option provided only to the registered users.
    Now the installation is complete, the nrelate server will start analyzing your website. Related content widget should show up within two hours. Till that time, wait, and read some more related posts Smile
    And check out below this post to see nrelate related posts widget in action. Do you like this widget? Do share your comments.

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