Tuesday, April 5

Samsung Galaxy Pop Android 2.2–Out Of Box Review

Now a days, Samsung is the only leading company which is providing value for money Smartphones.And Samsung Galaxy pop S5570 supporting Android 2.2 ( Froyo ) is one of them. The moment I got this device in my hand, I feel like I`m going to use a high end device. All those who do not have a very high budget and yet fancy a smart phone, this is perhaps the best option. Priced at Rs.8999, this device embodies all the features one can expect from this range. I should say, everything in this device is perfect regarding the design and features. Now lets talk about it`s features one by one.
DESIGN : Device is perfectly sized for easy handling and comfort. 3.14 inch display is one of the aspect which holds my attention the very moment I saw this device. Moreover TFT capacitive touch screen gives you immediate response which is going to hold your attention for sure. But Screen Resolution(QVGA (240 x 320)) is little bit low but that`s not the issue if you consider some of the other great features. Accelerometer sensor can be used to rotate the User Interface. Moreover Swype Text Input Method lets you type your messages faster than ever before. Full Touch Screen Interface is so nicely designed that every function is just one or  two tap around.
CAMERA : This device is bundled with a 3.15 MP camera(2048x1536 pixels) which supports 3X digital zoom. Geo Tagging, lets you find a wide variety of location specific information. But the absence of secondary camera hinders you to make video calls. Image quality and Video recording quality(320 x 240 at 15 fps) is up to the mark.
MUSIC & SOUND : Comes with a Android basic music player which does not supports any function rather than just playing a music file. This is the only feature which disappoint me. Sound Quality is not good at all and the earphones(3.5mm) bundled with the package is just a mere formality. I recommend you to buy a good pair of earphone if you are more into music. This device is not basically made for music.
BATTERY : As we all are aware that most of the Android phones are facing problem with the battery backup. Battery life of this device lets you explore this for few hours(4-5 hours).To extend it to a little longer, you should check out this article.

MEMORY : Bundled with a 2 GB memory card in the package which can be further extended to 32 GB. Internal memory is 164 MB which is quite satisfying to me and phonebook and messaging memory is unlimited.

  • Bluetooth(v2.1)
  • USB(v 2.0)
  • WIFI(802.11b/g/n)
  • AGPS
  • PC Sync Option via KIES
  • 3G
BUSINESS & OFFICE : Supports Document viewer(Quickoffice) which lets you access office on phone. One can access Word, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint related files.User can enjoy PDF files too.

PROCESSOR : 600MHz processor is sufficient as it can handle multitasking of various applications and provides smooth functioning and faster control to every feature. 600MHz processor may not support flash.

In all, I would like to recommend you to buy Samsung Galaxy Pop Android 2.2 to the user who want to stay connected with friends over the internet and want to enjoy the uncountable Android Applications out there in the Google`s Android Market and lot more sources for the same. As it supports Android 2.2( Froyo ) which is the most popular Android OS Platform on which most of the Android Apps are based, ultimately give access to the enormous applications fulfilling your every need. Except music and battery backup, all the features are good but they can resolved by considering battery saving tips and replacing the bundled earphones with a nice pair of earphones of your choice.

What are your views about this device? Share with us.


  1. how about the spec in its home page
    here is says it has 800mhz processor and bluetooth 3.0

  2. these specifications are of GSM version.
    GSM version has 600MHz processor and bluetooth version 2.1

    The link you`ve specified is of Samsung Galaxy Pop android 2.2 CDMA version.There`s a difference between the two versions.

    Samsung Galaxy Pop GSM

    and Samsung Galaxy Pop CDMA

    Please follow these links..

  3. no, this one is not CDMA version...it`s GSM.
    The CDMA version of the same is Rs.800 - Rs.1000 costly than GSM version.
    for more details about CDMA version, you can check out here
    Samsung Galaxy Pop CDMA

  4. wer r games in pop ?

  5. Hi, There are no Preloaded Games in Samsung Galaxy Pop, but you can download lots of games for your Android from here Samsung Galaxy Pop Games

  6. Would You Please Tell Me How can I Upgrade My Galaxy POP GSM To Android 2.2 as I have Android 2.1 which disapoints me..
    Plz Help I took It To The Customer Care Center They Said That They do not have 2.2 and this Device has Android 2.1 preloaded not 2.2

  7. But Samsung Galaxy Pop is Android 2.2. Are you sure it`s 2.1? How is that possible..Samsung launched it with Android 2.2 only..
    I would recommend you should complaint regarding this to Samsung Service Center(try some other, authorized one)..

  8. good review for the person seeking for a good value for money phone

  9. Good phone but battery is bad in my knowledge. Android 2.2.1 nice.

  10. battery backup is poor...shd i go 4 it..?reply fast hv 2 buy soon...if it s nt than 4 which handset i shd go 4..?wave 525 or anyother....?

  11. Hi, Battery backup lasts a day with normal usage, there's no harm buying this phone and don't go for samsung wave 525 as it stands no where when it comes to Androids, if your budget allows then you can go for Samsung Galaxy Pro(qwerty keypad with touchscreen).

  12. How to hide file in galaxy pop

  13. When you will try to install any games or softwares supporting Android 2.2 or greater version, Samsung Galaxy Pop will tell you that your current version is Android 2.1 and you can't install them. Even you can't install Flash 10.1 that works only in 2.2 or greater version. This is not acceptable at all & not good for Samsung. Android Version 2.1 & 2.2 having lot of difference.

  14. can s3850(Corby II) with same looks be updated to android 2.2 froyo?? if not then platform has to be changed or there is any other way??? pls help
    Thank You!

  15. hi, s3850(Corbi II) is not an Android based phone, so it cannot be updated to Android 2.2 Froyo or converted into Android based phone in any way. And it does not depend upon looks whether a phone can be upgraded to a different platform...you can read more about this phone here


  17. Is thr any necessary to install anti-virus to this phone(Samsung pop android 2.2.1 )

  18. hi,no you cannot create new documents using this phone. You can only view them.

  19. Answer to "Is thr any necessary to install anti-virus to this phone(Samsung pop android 2.2.1 )"

    If you install apps without paying any attentions to the warning it shows while installing, then you should go for an anti virus, you can try one of these.
    I would recommend you to pay attention to the warnings while installing Apps and to use Android Market for all your needs.

  20. No flash player why ?????? Do something for flash player or go to hell ........

  21. we acn edit the document of Ms office and pdf?

  22. No Pushpa, we cannot edit MS Office documents and PDF files in Samsung Galaxy Pop, it support read only mode.

  23. Samsung galaxy pop supports all android apps of 2.2.1 plz rply fast!

  24. Yes Siddharth, it supports all Android Apps of Android OS v2.2.1