Saturday, July 30

Top Free Torrent Clients for Android Phones

Torrents are the most popular way to download media content and other files from internet, to download using torrents we need torrent clients, a software  which manages the downloads and uploads using a torrent protocol.
What`s your opinion if we can download torrents on our Androids too? For a quick start, I have collected the best and freely available Android torrent clients.
tTorrentLite is one of the most used torrent client for Android which allows you to enjoy downloading on your Android based devices. Similar to Windows torrent client, it has all the features like
  • multiple torrent downloading support
  • torrent search integration
  • selection of files in torrents(if you chose not to download all files in a torrent)
  • web integration
  • ability to limit download/upload limit
  • supports WI – FI only mode
Works with Android versions 1.6 and above, this app can be downloaded from Android Market. This app is also available in paid version.

If you want to have a quick torrent downloading experience then you must try this Android app which is a native bit torrent downloader for Android phones. Downloading torrent using aDownloader is easy, users just have to long press the download link, then select “Share Link”, followed by the selection of aDownloader to start downloading. User can also add torrents from SD card. Much appreciated Android app by the users over the paid one`s too. Works with Android versions 1.6 and above, this app can be downloaded from Android Market.

Another fully functional but lesser known Android based Torrent Client with the unique user interface, allows users to download torrents with a claiming download speed of 400kB/s. Also available in paid version. Just like tTorrentLite it has sort of attractive features like
  • selection files from the torrent
  • search torrents within the app(uses
  • maximum download speed limit
  • select the download path if you want to change the storage location
  • multiple download support
  • integration of file manager and search engine for easy torrent downloading experience.
Works with Android versions 1.6 and above, this app can be downloaded from the Android Market.

These are some best and free Android Torrent clients Android apps which allows users to download torrents directly on their Android based devices. Which one is your favorite? Do let us know how they work out for you and do not forget to add one if you are using any similar Android App. 

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