Friday, April 1

Save Battery Life of Android Phones

Android phones due to its vast functionality, exhaust the battery power in not more than few hours.So here, I have listed some power saving tips to extend the battery life to a little longer.

Reduce the Brightness of Display 
  • How to - Settings>>Display>>Brightness
  • Reducing brightness will ultimately give a promising boost to the battery life.
Turn off the Vibration Function 
  • How to - Settings>>Sound>>Phone Vibrate
  • Phone Vibration consumes a tremendous amount of power, turning it OFF will let your battery life to work for a longer period.Moreover,keep the ringer on a low volume if possible.
Try to Use Theme with a Black Background 
Try to Use only 2G networks
  • How to - Settings>>Wireless controls>>Mobile networks>>Use only 2G
  • If 3G network is not required or is not available on your location,you can better use 2G network and save battery life.
Reduce Screen Timeout 
  • How to - Settings>>Display>>Screen Timeout
  • Screen Timeout is a setting which lets you set the minimum time after which the display of the device is turned off.Shorter the Screen Timeout,less power your device will use.
Deactivate the Wireless Features when not in use 
  • How to - Settings>>Wireless Controls>>Wi Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Wireless Features like Wi Fi and Bluetooth, should be turned off when not in use.Wireless Network Transmitter uses power to search for the network.Device not in connection tends to search one when left activated.
Do not leave Application Running when not in use 
  • Properly close applications when you`re done with them.
Use Flight Mode while on a Flight 
  • How to - Press and hold the "End Key" until a menu appears.Then select the "Airplane Mode" to turn off your Phone transmitter.Moreover switch it off when not in use while in flights.
Charging Tip 
  • Charge your phone when it indicates "low battery" and charge it in a go till it`s fully charged.
Try to Avoid Third Party Applications 
  • Shun the use of Third Party Applications and also try to avoid overloading your device with useless Applications.
Disable Auto Sync
  • How To - Settings>>Accounts and sync>>Uncheck the Background data option. 
  • Auto-sync is a feature which allows the applications to sync,send and receive data at any time. If not in use, one can disable it to extend the battery life of Android Phones.
So these are some of the tips to extend the battery life of Android phones to some extent. If I forgot to add some tips, do remind me via comments.


  1. For battery savings, I’d also recommend turning off animations by going to Menu | Settings | Display | Animation and selecting “No animations.”

  2. Using a dark BG/theme won't improve battery life... LCDs use back lighting, so the same amount of power is being pulled either way. On AMOLED screens they might benefit a tiny bit from darker colors but I recommend you skip that flawed "tip".

  3. I got the single largest boost by disabling the Edge/GPRS and using it only when i require it. also, Background data and auto sync off. I get a full 2 days out of the Incredible S.

  4. Welcome bhanu, I`m glad these are helpful to you. :)

  5. Thanks for the tip....