Wednesday, June 8

Import Blog to Facebook Fan Page

As we all know, Facebook is a renowned social networking website and is loved by everyone whether it be a friend circle, business personnel's or a Webmasters. Webmasters liked to use such services for promotion of their websites. So to take advantage of such a wide-spread network I created a Facebook Fan Page for my blog. After that I got stuck as how to import all the blog posts to the fan page, sharing all the posts one by one will be a wastage of time. But after a little effort I found a solution for that too. So I would like to share the solution with you.So here it goes.
  • First of all, Login to your Facebook Fan Page of your blog(or create a new one here).
  • Then, Click on “Edit Info”.
Click on edit info
  • Then, click on the "Apps" in the left sidebar.

Click on Apps
  • Now a list of Added Apps will appear, click on "Go To App" next to "Notes".

click on Go To App next to Notes
  • Now click on "Edit import settings" in the left sidebar.

click on edit import settings
  • Enter the URL or RSS/Atom feed address of the website/blog.

Enter the URL of the blog
  • Then click on "Start Importing". After that, all your blog posts will be imported to your Facebook Fan Page and you will get a message after the blog posts importing is done. And then by confirming the import, Facebook will check your blog feed after every couple of hours for new posts you`ve made. Now keep writing articles to your blog, your blog posts will be automatically imported to the Facebook Fan Page.


  1. Thanks, this is helpful. Social networking has become such a mainstay of marketing, though I think the model needs to be improved somewhat as far as the format within Facebook is concerned. As long as every comment appears in the news feed, people will get annoyed with ads appearing there. I think a dual-column format, one of friends and one of fan page news, would be more useful.

  2. I`m glad you liked it..:) and ya I too agree with your idea.

  3. If the entire blog post is being reproduced, will that not generate duplicate content?

  4. Actually Facebook Fan Page is importing our feeds data, so it is not generating the duplicate content.