Saturday, May 28

How to Password Protect Microsoft Office 2007 Documents

Protecting important document needs a great deal of attention and people use to stumble a lot about how one should protect his/her documents from unauthorized access. There are lots of ways one can protect Microsoft Office documents but easiest way I feel with which one can save their documents from unauthorized access can be accomplish with just a blink of an eye. It requires just few steps and your documents are protected.
This tutorial can be applied when the user is saving his/her documents.
So here`s the picture tutorial of the same.
  • Click on File Button Followed By Save As Option.
click on File Button
  • A Save As pop up window will appear, choose Tools followed by General Options.
Click on General Option
  • Choose Password to Open and Modify the document.
Choose Password
  • Check “Read-only recommend” if you do not wish to allow others to modify your document if they are authorized persons to get access to this protected document and click on “Protect Document…”.
  • As you click on the “Protect Document…”, Restrict Formatting and Editing options will appear as shown in the image below.
Restrict Formatting and Editing Options
  • To make the document read only, Choose Second option and set it to “No changes(Read Only)” and you can also choose who all can edit or modify the document. Click on “Yes,Start Enforcing Protection” to enforce the restrictions applied.
Enforce Restrictions
  • Set password to enforce the restrictions.
Choose Password for Read Only Restrictions
  • After that, modification related to this document is locked and no one can modify the document without permission.
What all different methods you used to prevent the unauthorized access to your documents? Do share with us.


  1. Thanks. I think excel has better encryption features.

  2. Your Welcome...Microsoft Office 2007 uses strong encryption by default than the previous versions but the password strength is just as :)

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  4. Thanks for appreciation steve..

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