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Apps To Download YouTube Videos On Android

Sometimes back I posted an article about how we can download YouTube videos to our PC. If you are looking for a trick to download YouTube videos, one can check out this article, or if you want a software to carry out this work, I would recommend you to use this tool. So that`s all about downloading videos to our PC from different sources including YouTube. But what if want to download YouTube videos on Androids?

There are very few Android Apps which allows you to download YouTube videos on Androids. So here I have listed some of the best Android Apps to download YouTube videos.
  • KeepVid
KeepVid Android AppAfter the removal of famous Android App to download YouTube videos on Android – TubeMate from the Android Market, KeepVid comes into the light. KeepVid is another great Android App which not only allows users to download YouTube videos on Android but also lets you playback YouTube videos in High Definition mode. And if you like the video, you can share it with your friends from the App itself. High Definition format include 3GP, FLV,mp4, mp4(720P) formats. Runs seamlessly on Android 1.6 and above, could be downloaded from Android Market.
  • TubeMate
TubeMate Android AppSudden disappearance of this Android App from the Android Market has greatly affected it`s reputation, but now this App is available back again in the Android Market which provides a seamless way to watch, share, search and download YouTube videos on your Android device. This App allows to you download videos via fast download mode(uses multiple connection for a download). This App could be run in background and it also allows you to resume the downloads. Meanwhile this app downloads a YouTube video for you, you can surf internet or try your hands on some other work. This App supports all the resolution from lowest 320x240 to as high as 1920x1080(Full-HD) which could be used on Galaxy Tablets, Galaxy S2 or PCs. You can convert your downloaded videos to mp3 format too, this feature is powered by MP3 Media Converter. All those features are available to the user in a free Android App which runs on Android platforms 1.6 and above, which could be downloaded from Android Market or from TubeMate official website.
DownloadAndroid Market or if it goes missing again, one can grab this app from here(TubeMate official website)
  • YouTube Downloader
Android ALast but not the least, YouTube Downloader is a great Android app which provides a simple user interface to watch and download YouTube videos on Android. You might have checked the famous Android App -aDownloader which allows you to download torrents on Android, this app is also from the same developer, but at this time, it is not available in the Android Market, but could be downloaded(.apk file) from the official website. To install this App, you should check Settings>Applications>Unknown sources.
DownloadYouTube Downloader

If you are already using some of the above listed Android Apps, do share your experience with us or try one of these to enjoy YouTube videos on your Androids.

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