Friday, May 20

Useful Windows Live Writer Plug-ins

Windows Live Writer is one of the best desktop blog-publishing application which supports number of features. If you are still not satisfied with the built-in features it supports, one can go for plug-ins which further enhance the blog-publishing experience. With the use of these plug-ins one can save a lot of time and effort which can be used into other more important and high priority tasks. So here is the collection of some useful plug-ins which will take your blog-publishing experience to the next level.
tag generator
Generate tags for your post. To use it, just select your post and turn to the plug-in which will generate tags based on the selected post. Supports Technorati, WordPress and Blogger.
Imtech SEO Slug
Search Engine Optimized titles, headers and links contribute a lot in SERPs(Search Engine Page Results) and one has to spend lot of time digging out tactics to be on top in SERPs. Why not this plug-ins do this job for you? To create a SEO Slug for your blog post, simply select some text in Live Writer and pick SEO Slug from the Insert panel. SEO Slug created is copied to the clipboard which can be used later.
This plug-in not only shortens the URLs but also lets you spy on the shortened links created using this plug-in. You need an account to use the link analytics service provided by this plug-in.
This plug-in lets you capture the screen shot in several formats and supports much advanced options to tweak the captured images
Related posts
As a name suggests, this plug-in provides a way to add related posts section at the footer of the post. This plug-in uses information from your account where you have to bookmark all the links and tags to the blog entries.
insert video
Easy to use plug-in which let users insert videos into their post from number of different websites. Click on the plug-in and add the video link and insert it in the post. Or you can simply add the link in your blog post and the plug-in will do the rest.
insert code
Let the users insert code in multiple programming languages(C#, HTML, MSH, JavaScript, Visual Basic and TSQL) into the blog post represented as a snippet in the blog post.
insert files
With this plug-in you can attach at most 3 files to your blog post. Can be used only if you are using FTP Publishing. Possesses simple user interface let users attach files with ease. Just click on Insert Object and fill out the information and offer the file to be attached into the blog post.
Share via Bookmark Tags
Share and promote your message to the world using this plug-in which adds social bookmarking tags into the blog post.
import and export Wizard
You might be afraid of losing all the settings or the plug-ins you are using in Windows Live Writer. Don`t worry, this plug-in lets you export all the settings and Plugins from Windows live Writer to store it in external file or in the cloud (FTP,SkyDrive). Act as a backup tool for your Windows Live Writer settings.And these settings can be imported easily when required or in crash related situations.
Want to explore some more such plug-ins visit Windows Live Writer Plug – ins. What other features can be included in the form of plug-in for Windows Live Writer? What all plug-in are you using? Do share with us..

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