Tuesday, November 8

Powerful Content Navigator For The Cloud–ZeroPC2.0 Launched

With plethora of cloud services, cloud savvier`s can enjoy free online storage, but with free online storage, comes the real pain in managing the data we store and share with others over the cloud. What`s your bit, share your strategy to manage the data sprawled in number of cloud services you own? It`s a bit hard to maintain the data over cloud especially if you are using a couple of cloud storage services, but not now!
As ZeroPC – a web based desktop in cloud, launched a new service, ZeroPC2.0 using which users can navigate, search, backup, control their data sprawled on cloud, and that too through a single place(single login).
So lets explore what`s ZeroPC2.0 is made up of -
universal search zeropc
  • ZeroPC2.0 is a powerful universal search engine over the cloud – Searching data over cloud can`t be easier than this, just type some keywords or phrase related to file you are looking, and let the ZeroPC2.0 search all your cloud services to look for that file or document for you, without having to toil every single cloud storage account one by one. All connected services(Dropbox, SugarSync, Box.net, Flickr, Facebook, Evernote, Instagram, Picasa, Google Docs) are searched for the missing document, file, music, video or whatever you are searching over the cloud. Here, Google or some other search engine won`t help you in searching your personal data. So that where the ZeroPC2.0 universal search came into action. With ZeroPC2.0 universal search you can also search content over the web too.
zeropc connect all your services
  • ZeroPC2.0 brings the powerful content navigator – Navigating through couple of cloud storage services is another daunting task, but ZeroPC2.0 lets you connect all your cloud storage service accounts along with your social networking profiles to a single secure place from where you can control every service via a single login. It`s a kind of bird eye view to the cloud storage services and social network profiles. With the content navigator provided by ZeroPC2.0, you can track and analyze your data, storage space used by every service you are using. With ZeroPC2.0 content navigator in hand, you can import/export data from one cloud service to another by simply dragging/dropping. What could be easier than this? Not only you can import/export data from the cloud services, but you can also drag/drop your data from external storage or through your local disk.
cloud dashboard zeropc
  • ZeroPC2.0 Cloud Dashboard – Cloud Dashboard provides the bird eye of the services connected, along with the space used by each service. All the content is so well categorized, that a single glance is enough to get the idea of storage space used and other statistics with number of files in each category.
zeropc is secure
  • ZeroPC2.0 is secure – No matter what, security is the most important aspect. Without security no one`s going to use your service,  but the content over ZeroPC2.0 is 100% secure and one can blindly trust their service, all your data plus sharing are secured using high level security just as used in banks to save money.
What Else Is New -
cloud backup zeropc
  • Cloud Backup – Cloud Backup is a service available only to the premium users aka “Pay As You Go” service which allows you to create one time or recurring backup and restore for your precious content. Now feel free and stay safe as all your data is safe which can be accessed or restored via a single login.
web browser lite zeropc
  • Web Browser Lite – A built-in web browser in ZeroPC web based cloud desktop which lets you enjoy web right through the  ZeroPC desktop, without having to fire up another tab in your web browser.
file explorer zeropc
  • File Explorer – With built-in File Explorer users can browse all their content stored in different cloud storage services along with the data uploaded over to the social media profiles through a single window. Want to share content from one to another? You can easily do that with just simply dragging/dropping from one service to another. With such an intuitive user-interface, it`s dead simple to use.
cloud navigator hd zeropc android app
  • ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD Android App – Now Android users can access  all their cloud storage services right through their devices. With ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD, you can connect, search and access your content in Dropbox, Google Docs, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Evernote, Box.net, Instagram and SugarSync. This Android App provides you plethora of features to stumble upon which are provided by ZeroPC. Can`t wait, download this Android app from Android Market(available free) and works on Android OS v3.0 and above. iPhone and iPad users, don`t feel jealous, as the ZeroPC application for your devices is in the pipeline.   
zeropc plan and pricing
ZeroPC is free to all which provides a whooping 15 GB of space(14 GB free cloud storage from connective services plus 1GB of additional storage space by ZeroPC ). Interested users can grab it by signing up, if liked, you can go for “Pay As You Go” service too, provided at a price of $1 per month. Sounds great?  Here`s a bird eye view of the plan and pricing.
Take a video tour of the ZeroPC.
And to enjoy all those delicacies, you just need a web browser. ZeroPC runs flawlessly on all web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and supporting all Operating systems(Microsoft Windows, Apple – Mac, Android and iOS)