Tuesday, November 15

How To Organize Bookmarks In Your Web Browser

Bookmarking, just another way to save links to the web pages we might need in future.
Why there`s a need to organize them?
The web is full of useful stuff and tutorials, we might need in future, and I used to bookmark every other web page I visit, which means I have a huge collection of them resting in my arsenal, but when needed, how will you find the one which you are looking for without having to go through such a big list. That`s where it comes a need to organize them.

How Can You Do It?
There are few small steps which can save a lot of time.
Without The Use Of Any Tool, Web Browser Extension, Add-on?
Using extensions or add-on, do make your web browser heavy, but with a little care users can organize bookmarks in a much better way. Here`s how to do it?
bookmarking categoriesbookmarking categories - choose new folder for new category
  • Organize bookmarks according to the category, suppose if you are looking for PHP Tutorials, then make a brand new folder(namely PHP Tutorials) in your bookmarking directory provided there in your web browser. Then bookmark all the useful web page links related to PHP Tutorials under that folder. This way you will not only find it easier to manage them, but you can access them instantly without having to follow any tantrums searching the huge list of bookmarks. Another example would be save all your web links related to social networking sites at one place in one folder. It`s one of the best way to organize bookmarks without using any extension or add-on.
  • Organize the bookmarks by some specific attribute(by name, by date or any other constraints). You can organize bookmarks alphabetically or by the date on which you bookmarked it. 
  • Make use of the space provided by the new tab in Google Chrome, if you are not using too many app, then just drag and drop the bookmarked links to the big white space. That`s from where you can use them without having to digging deep inside your bookmark manager.
  • Use Google Chrome Sync feature to create a backup of your web browser preferences, so that in times of web browser crashes, you can access all your previous information instead of repenting about the loss. Mozilla Firefox users can also setup a Firefox Sync to save their web browser preferences, and same is the case with other web browsers, if in case, you are using one.  Open-mouthed smile
With The Use Of Tool, Web Browser Extension, Add-on?
  • There are loads of tools, Web Browser Extension, Add-on available out their on the web, but one which I recommend you to use are listed here(for Google Chrome Users). Mozilla Firefox users can try Xmarks Sync or Tagmarks .
  • If in case, you are switching from one web browser to another, then try Transmute, you can use this tool to automatically import/export all your bookmarks to the desired web browser.
So with the little management you can save lot of trouble and precious time. And you will find that it`s easy to search to the desired bookmarked web page/link.
Do let us know if you are using any other strategies or tools to deal with bookmarking web pages.  


  1. definitely a nice way to organize bookmarks, i can admit it can get confusing, thanks lots mate

  2. Yeah Fazal, it`s hard to look up on a specific bookmarked web page if they all are listed in one place, so it`s better to organize and categorize them :)

  3. Nice information about bookmarking...
    Your post is really inspiring.

  4. Really nice way to organize links, will save a lot of time which otherwise I will spend for searching bookmarks.

  5. Thanks Rojish, bookmarked web pages when in thousands, needs such management, otherwise it's hard to manage the huge list.