Friday, October 28

Transfer Files Across Different Cloud Services With Otixo

There are so many cloud services, providing different online storage space. A serious cloud user would surely be using number of them at a time and juggling contents from one cloud storage services to another is not an easy task. One cannot even think of the old school trick to download/upload files from one to another cloud storage services as it`s time consuming.
But there`s one service which bridges the gap between these cloud storage services, allowing transfer of files from one to another without having to follow any tantrums. So how to use it?
  • Sign up for the service.
  • After confirmation, start adding your cloud services. You can add as many as cloud storage services which are listed over here.
otixo share files across cloud services
  • Once the services are added, you can not only share your files across the different cloud storage services but you can also use different options available provided in the menu which also allows you to download you files to your local disk. You can also connect FTP servers too.
file sharing across cloud services
  • Once the two services are connected, select the desired file to transfer it the desired cloud storage service. You can also password protect your sharings.
otixo share files across cloud service
At present, Otixo supports cloud storage services like Drop Box, Amazon S3,, Picasa, Mobile Me, Sugar Sync, Google Docs, WebDav and FTP server support if you want to connect it too.

You can also use Otixo via your Desktop, here`s how to use it.
  • Open My Computer, click on Map Network Drive.
Map network drive
  • Write “” in the folder section, in the newly appeared dialog box. Click on Finish.
connect to otixo
  • Provide your Otixo Username and Password to grant the access. Then click on OK.
otixo drive
  • Now you will see an Otixo drive will appear along with your Computer`s drives in the File Explorer.
  • Now you can use files in your cloud services just like your other files and folders on your computer.
Otixo is quite beneficial for serious cloud users, which saves your time and internet bandwidth allowing you to share files across the cloud storage services easily.
Do let us know how it works out for you? 

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