Thursday, October 27

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Alternatives for Android

Are you looking for Apple`s iPhone 4S Siri alternative for your Android? The new features in Apple iOS 5 are not even close to Android`s built in features, but Siri - a voice activated personal assistant, is one of the best innovation by Apple. Now that gives another way to Android developers to stay busy to come out with something which can beat Apple`s iPhone 4S Siri. Well, after toiling around through the Android Market,look what I`ve came across for you. Some Siri Alternative for your Androids.
vlingo - siri alternative for android
Vlingo Virtual Assistant is one of the most used Android app when it comes to voice assistant Android apps. Just like Siri, Vlingo can send texts and emails, can search web for you, find places, can even assist you in finding directions, can update your Facebook or twitter status and you can also query to Vlingo about anything and much more. Vlingo is free, works on Android OS v2.0 and can be downloaded from the Android Market. Check out this video for a demo.

iris - siri alternative for android
Next in the list is Iris - another alternative for Siri, is one of the most popular Android app amongst the Android users. Iris can help you out with online queries, texting, calls, not only that you can also throw some random queries to it too and can get a witty answers in response. The responding time is quite good. Do ensure that the "Voice Search" and "TTS library" installed in your phone. This Android app os free works on Android OS v2.1 and above, can be downloaded from the Android Market. Catch the Iris in action.

Another alternative to Siri is Jeannie, a lesser known Android app, but is a sure performer. With Jeannie, you can call/text your friends, search images, videos, apps and much, you can launch your browser, listen to music and much more a Siri can do on Apple iPhone 4S. You can also have a look at this video. This Android app is free, available in the Android marketplace, works on Android OS v1.6 and above considering the lower versions of Androids too. Jeannie is also available for iPhone, iPhone users can download this app from their official website. Here`s a video tour of the same.

speaktoit - siri alternative for android
Another advanced Android app to beat Apple iPhone 4S Siri, is quite advanced when it comes to virtual assistant which can help you in finding information over the we, lets you stay connected with web services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and many others. Even handles complicated tasks like saving notes etc. Speaktoit is free to download and is available in the Android Market suitable for Android OS v2.1 and above. Go through this video to know more about it.
So get started talking to your Android via these virtual voice assistant Android apps and do not forget to share which one of them can beat Siri.


  1. Nice post, but Sonalight Text by Voice and Edwin, Speech-to-Speech are another two great voice assistant apps you should consider adding to your list.

  2. Thanks mate for your suggestion, will add them to my list after using them. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these apps for Android i was not aware that we can get this type of app on Android also.