Wednesday, September 28

Take Screenshot Of Samsung Galaxy Android and Wave Series Smartphone

Taking screenshots of our Smartphones is a pretty handy trick for we bloggers, especially when it comes to writing a tutorial or reviewing an application. And guess what, now you don`t have to download and install Android SDK, just to take a screenshot of your Android Smartphone. Certainly, there are applications in the Android Market which allows users to take screen-shots of their Smartphone, but believe me you won`t be needing them anymore after going through this shortest and easiest way to take screen-shots of their Smartphone, especially the Samsung Galaxy Android Series and Samsung Galaxy Wave Series. So here goes the trick.

Simultaneously press Home Key and Back Key to take a screenshot for Samsung Galaxy Android Series.
How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Android Series
Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S screenshot Samsung Galaxy S screenshot
And a simultaneous pressing of Home Key and Lock Key(the one which is to the right), is enough to take screenshots of Samsung Galaxy Wave Series.How To Take Screenshot on Samsung Wave SeriesHere`s a screenshot of Samsung Galaxy Wave 525.
Pretty easy, right? Now there`s no need to install apps which are just used to take screen-shots of your Smartphone and no need to apply methods related to installation of Android SDK(in case of Android).
Do you find this trick useful? Do try the above methods on your devices to take screenshot and share your experience with us. We would love to hear from you.

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