Thursday, September 29

Enable Auto Correct Feature In Gmail

Misspelled words are something which hinders the writing/typing flow, whether we are writing blog post or a mail to someone. It`s one of the thing which distracts me the most. That`s why I use Windows Live Writer to write and update my blog, which provides the auto correction technique, but how could we use it to write mails? Off course not.

Enable Auto Correction Technique in Gmail in Google ChromeBut guess what guys, Gmail, being the most used web-based email service, owned by Google, doesn't meet this basic need – the auto correction technique. Don`t worry, we have a solution, a Google Chrome Extension which provides the auto correction technique which allows your fingers to move swiftly over the keyboard.
Auto Correct Feature In Gmail In Google Chrome 
So, how to enable it?
  • Download and install ezAutoCorrect for GMail from Chrome Web store.
  • Once installed, try typing something in Gmail, intentionally spell the word wrong to check whether the extension works out for you or not. Try something like “teh” which will be converted to “the”  automatically, if the extension is properly installed.
Unfortunately, at present, there`s no such extension available for Mozilla Firefox.
We have heard that this extension will work only on stable releases of Google Chrome and not on beta releases. Do you find this extension useful. Do let us know how it works out for you.

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