Tuesday, March 22

Most Popular Android OS Platforms

Here`s a little but worthy information from Android Developers providing the details about the most used Android OS Platforms or one can say it tells you about the active devices running a given versions of the Android Platforms.
Now one might be thinking what`s the use of this information to us?

This information is beneficial :- 
  • If one is going for Android OS Smartphone, then this info gives you the idea which Android OS Platforms based Smartphones to buy.
  • If you are an Android Developers, then one can easily target their applications to devices based on the platform version.

This distribution summarises the result about the most used Platform over the last two weeks.The details are taken from users visiting Android Market.Current Distribution is dominated by Android OS Platforms 2.2 with over 61% whereas the least is Android 3.0 with 0.2% as it is currently meant for Android Tablets users.

Which one are you using?

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