Tuesday, March 22

Google App Inventor - Make Android Apps Without Programming Skills

Crazy about Android Apps?
Want to make one?
But Programming(Coding) hinders you??
Here`s a smart way to create Android Apps.
Now creating Android Apps is whole lot easier as one can create Android Apps without any use of programming skills.

Google App Inventor is one smart tool by Google which lets anyone - programmers, non programmers, professionals and students - develop Android Apps just by a little play with the puzzles and a very easy to use interface.This tool will be great for people with good ideas and no java skills.
To use this tool first configure your computer and get started.

With basic drag and drop technique, one can design application suitable for Android.

One can use emulator to test the application in the absense of the device.
Here`s a quick video of App Inventor in action.

Hit the source link and get started.
This concept is basically meant for Young app developers who will be able to create, test and share apps with the class or school. A great idea that will help to nurture the talented Android developers of tomorrow.
What do you think about this tool?
Do share your experience.

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