Tuesday, March 22

How To Share Large Files Online

There are numbers of file sharing websites but this is the one which holds my attention and would like to share with you all.
fileai.com is the free website that lets people to securely send large files over the internet which can`t be sent through emails.
fileai.com uses Java Applets are used to transfer files between computers.

You need to have recent version of Java installed.
1. No File Size or Limits.

2. No Extra Program required to make it work.

3. Is free(no sign up required).

4. User Friendly Interface.

5. Files are sent directly,no need to wait for files to upload to any server resulting in faster download speeds and similarly reduced upload bandwidth usage for the uploader.

6. Sender can send files to multiple recipient.

7. Provides Drag and Drop facility to transfer facility.

8. Secure transfer can be accomplished by requesting passwords among the users.

9. Resumes transfers from the point where they are left off.

10. Can share the entire folder with files without compressing.

1. One has to left the browser window open to let the file transfer to take place.

2. Uses Peer To Peer method to transfer files,so your downloads speed totally depends upon the maximum upload speed available to the person sending the file.
In all, This is the best way one can share large files online with a very little effort.

Enjoy sharing and do let me know if you know more such websites?


  1. Another alternative to use to send large files over the internet is www.mailbigfile.com. It's a fast, simple and secure way to send your precious files when they're too large for e-mail. Best of all, it's free to use.

  2. Thanks. Mail is also now equally powerful and many providers like hotmail allow attachments in Gbs. Also worth mentioning is torrents.
    How to share large files using torrents