Sunday, December 19

How to Read Books on Phone?

Most smartphones nowadays come with a high quality big screen. And it`s a pity not to use this glossy, vibrant display for some light reading while you sip coffee in some cafeteria some lazy winter afternoon. One way to read books on the smartphones is by importing etext - mostly in MS Word or PDF format - to the device. But that`s pretty crude way of doing it.

It`s better to use an eBook Reader. On Android, there are several excellent eBook reader available. Aldiko, a free but feature-rich app, has the edge over others. Reading books on Aldiko, especially if your smartphones screen is bigger than 3.5" inches, is a breeze. Users get the option to change font size, text colour and background colour. This allows them to set a comfortable text background contrast. Of course, reading is just one part of an eBook app. Most give access to royalty free, creative commons and purchasable books. Aldiko is no different. And even if you are in no mood to buy the latest bestsellers, the free collection of classics could satisfy any hunger for the greats.

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