Saturday, October 9

How to make Bootable Flash Drive

Win2Flash is a wizard that will help us to grab up the contents of Windows Installation CD/DVD and prepare the usb to work as bootable flash drive.We can get this handy software from here download win2flash
First of all we need atleast 1- 4GB of formatted memory flash drive.

Now run the application(Win2Flash).A new window will pop up which looks like this.

1.Click on the green tick to move ahead.A new window will pop,choose "Always start in Wizard mode" and click on next.
2.Now enter the windows file path and the path of the usb drive where you would like to place your windows dvd/cd content.Click next.

3.Then the windows file transfer takes place.This process can take 10-15 minutes to complete.So wait until it finishes.
4.As the process finishes.Our flash drive is ready to use as a bootable flash drive windows installer..

This tool is so simple to use..
Here are the reasons why we should choose this...
  • Scratches on disk fails our DVD/CD to work properly.
  • We can make bootable usb through command prompt but it`s quite a mess.
  • Easy to use.
  • If we don`t have a DVD/CD drive.
  • Pretty good way for Netbooks.
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