Thursday, October 14

How to convert Microsoft Office Trial Version to Full Version without the Activation Key?

Here`s how you can convert your Microsoft Office Trial version to Full version without using any product key.
  • First install the trial version of the Microsoft Office without entering the product key.If  you`ve installed with entering product key which is still not working re-install it without entering the product key.(this is the important step).
  • Now Go To  Program Files> Common Files>microsoft shared>OFFICE12>Office Setup Controller
  • Now find the file "Proof.en" , open it with Notepad, we see xml coding there.
  • Move to the end of file where we see xml coding.
  • Change "NeverInstalled" to "AlwaysInstalled".(in last line coding only).Rest is same.Save that edited file.
  • Now our Full version Microsoft Office is ready to work.
  • Or get one product key from here.

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