Thursday, October 13

Prevent Internet Connection From Being Dropped With Connection Keeper

Dial up internet users have to face connection drops at random intervals, this happens because of inactivity. Inactivity here means no data packets are requested in that time which leads to connection drop. To avoid these connection drops, Connection Keeper – a small utility which uses very fewer resources, prevents your connection from frequent drops, thus keeping your internet connection alive.
connection keeper - stay connectedConnection Keeper can be configured to request a non-existent URL to stay connected in times when you are not actively using the internet. Such kind of inactivity occurs when the user is reading a web page or stuck on a web page for longer period, or implementing some lengthy tutorials to get their work done, due to which the connection drops after a specific time. Beside keeping the connection alive, it can also kill pop-up windows notifications asking to stay connected. Not only that it can be used to monitor web sites and even DNS records.  Errors can be reported by a pop-up window or by email. connection keeper - prevent connnection dropsIn all, the best tool to stay connected or keeping internet connection alive. Works with all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7(fully compatible with 32 bit and 64 editions as well).
Download – Connection Keeper

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