Wednesday, September 7

Which Android Web Browser You Should Use?

Android Market is full of different web browsers, but loitering through them in the Android Market is all the more confusing and leads you to dilemma as which one should I use? People out their have different needs, some want speed, some want features, some want easy navigation and some want to save their data usage using an appropriate one. Let`s move on to the list and choose the one which fits your needs.

Want Speed? Go For Opera Mini Web Browser
Opera Mini Android Web Browser
Opera Mini is my personal favorite when it`s time to choose a better one to serve your needs. How? Opera Mini is the only one which compress the web pages before loading it, which not only boosts the speed but also cut down your data usage to the least. Other Android Web Browsers, unlike Opera Mini, tries to load the web page along with all grainy details which at some point are not necessary even, taking too much time to load and adding unnecessary figures to your internet bills. It`s a boon for slow internet users. So go for it, you will like it`s sleek design yet providing the enormous space to tap comfortably to roll on different features. Works on Android platform 1.5 and above. Download it from the Android Market.
Other contender(For Speed) – Miren Browser.
Android Web Browser Miren
Simple design with necessary features yet faster web experience is what describes this Android Web Browser. Beautifully engineered tabbed interface, swipe to go back and forward, full screen mode and flash support lets you enjoy the web the Miren way. Works on Android Platform 1.6 and above, can be downloaded from Android Market for free.
Another One(For Speed) – Maxthon Mobile Browser
Maxthon - Android Mobile Web Browser
Loaded with features yet allows users to experience the web the smarter way. Sync your bookmarks to cloud, tabbed interface, integrated download manager, speed dial, gestures support, RSS reader yet providing the amazing speed to enjoy web on the go. Works on Android platform 1.5 and above, download it from Android Market.
Want Features? Go For Dolphin Browser™ HD
Dolphin Browser For Android
If you are a person, who admires features over speed(it`s good too), then Dolphin Browser™ HD is what your Android needs. Laden with features, though, if you are still not satisfied, then Add-on`s will add beauty to your web experience. Yeah you heard it right, you can use add-on`s in order to experience the web over your Android just like you used to experience it on your computers. Gestures lets you access the features with one or two taps providing faster access without having to dig deep in the Android menu. Tabbed Interface is all the more alluring and lets you experience the web as if you are experiencing it on your computers. Frequently visited websites, can be added to the Speed Dials to gain faster access and much more you can use it to enjoy the web over your Androids. Works on Android platform 2.0.1 and above is a great choice if you want feature based web experience. Download it from the Android Market – Dolphin Browser™ HD.
If You Hang Around YouTube More than Anything Else – Go For Skyfire Web Browser
Skyfire For Android - Web Browser
Skyfire, keeping those YouTube lurker`s in mind, has designed a special web browsers which allows you to enjoy every YouTube video or from the other video portals, which the above Android Web Browsers might fail to transcode for your device. Along with YouTube, if you want to stay connected with friends on Facebook, then Skyfire is integrated with a special bar which lets you comfortably switch between your Facebook Profile with few taps. Though, allows users to surf faster but the user interface is a bit cluttered which hinders the very purpose of using it. Works on Android Platform 2.0 and above, users can grab this from the Android Market.

So under which category you lies in? And how`s that Android Web Browser is working out for you? Do let us know via comments.
My Opinion – Opera Mini Web Browser.   

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