Friday, September 23

Backup and Protect Your Data With zenOK

Now a days we cannot rely on our computers or other external hard drives to carry our data. So many risk involved. Newer trend is to save data online. And keeping that in mind, web is loaded with numerous such services which provides online backup services. And zenOK is one of them. Even with a free plan, they provide a whooping 21 GB of online storage which I think is more than enough to carry your important documents safely.
Lets explore zenOK, what it is actually made up of!
zenOK User Interface
Features of zenOK -
  • 21 GB of free storage(The Gratis Plan).
  • Real time backup facility
  • Preserves changes made to the files and keep the older one`s too.
  • Unique feature include file sharing with friends with a direct download link instead of having to follow tantrums to download it.
  • Photo Sharing becomes simple as it has in-built Photo Slideshow to share your galleries, albums with your friends and relatives.
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry.
  • Data Protection Guaranteed - your data is preserved as it is more precious than any other thing in the world. Timely Risk Alerts in case of threats.
How It Works?
zenOK - How It Works
  • First download and install zenOK.
  • Grab all your important documents and other content to create a real time backup. Sign up with zenOK to access them anywhere, anytime.
  • When in need of the backed up file, restore it via their website by logging in to your account. The data stored at their servers is safeguarded via Anti-Virus Protection.
Price and Plans
zenOK provides 4 different plans including the free one(The Gratis Plan). Here`s the bird eye view of the their plans and pricing.
zenOk - Plans and Pricing
So if you really love your data then I would love to recommend this service to safeguard it. Go ahead and grab a plan for yourself.

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