Friday, July 1

5 Time Saving Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome, no doubt, is the best browser among it`s competitors and offer lots of functionality to deal with day-to-day tasks. But to extend it`s functionality to the next level, we need Google Chrome Extensions which can save time and yield productive results. So here I have bundled some of the Google Chrome Extensions in this post which helps in saving time to great extent and increase the productivity.
Google Shortcut 
We all know to what extent we are dependent on Google for our daily needs. And Google itself serves around 160 different services in our plate. So for a faster access to these services, Google Shortcut is a Google Chrome Extension which provides a link to all these services as a buttons in a space-saving pop-up. Not only that, one can add custom URLs to this list too. Just click to open any Google services to use and one can add any number of services to this pop up.

CloudMagic provides faster access to your online data stored in mails, Google Docs, Calendar and Contacts whether you are connected to the internet or not. Allows you to copy data from mails while composing mails. One can use their online content from multiple accounts. This is just a prelusion of this. Check it out for more hidden surprises.
Speeddial 2
Runs on HTML5, Speeddial 2 provides faster access to the favorite pages, bookmarks and recently closed tabs, history, apps and all in a single page replacing the New tab page of Google Chrome. One thing I don`t like about Google Chrome is it`s bookmark management, but with Speeddial 2 one can access the bookmarks easily and intuitively. One can even access the delicious bookmarks through this page. Moreover Exporting service allows users to export their content for backup purposes. It also shows the recently closed tabs, proves very beneficial when someone accidentally closed the tab. You might be thinking where are the bookmarks and other things, for that just move the mouse cursor to the extreme right of the screen on the Speeddial 2 page to see the magic yourself.
Google Share Button
Share web pages with social networks, emails and blogs, provides a list of social networking websites and other services where one can share data in just few clicks. More often used service will make it`s place on top so that one do not have to dig deep to find the specific service and one can add and remove services in the drop down menu it provides.
FastestChrome provides some features to the users including Popup Bubble which includes a bubble carrying services which can be used for a specific searches, Refine searches(shows relevant results), look up for definition when highlighted, turns text links to URLs in a go.

Download them and save your time while surfing the web faster with these Google Chrome Extensions. Have you ever tried these Extensions? Which one is your favorite? Do share with us.

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