Saturday, June 18

How to Backup your Facebook Profile

Backup is such an essential step to save our data whether it be a media content or other important stuff. Even one can have a backup of their social media profiles. Facebook is one of the powerful social network and having a backup of the data you deal with everyday on Facebook can be regarded as an essential step. To create a backup of your Facebook account you don`t have to keep toiling the web to find some backup tool as Facebook is providing the Backup facility as an inbuilt option.
Facebook backup
Steps to Download all your information on Facebook :
  • Login to your Facebook Account.
  • Click on “Account” situated on top right, a drop down menu will appear, choose “Account Settings”.
  • Under “Settings”, you will find an option “Download Your Information”.
  • Click on “learn more”.
  • You will be redirected to a new webpage having a Download link for all your data you have put on Facebook. Click on it.
  • You will receive an email with the download link when your information is ready.
It consist of the following information(check the image below) :
That`s all about the Facebook Backup. Do not forget to create one for yourself. Smile

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  1. just now i created a backup for profile which helps in feature to recover the lost data