Sunday, May 1

Google Docs - App for Android

Google Docs, as we all are familiar with, is now available for Android Phones too as an app. Now one don`t have to visit their desktop or laptop to work on their documents. Android Market and other sources has left no areas in terms of providing desired Apps to the users. With the addition of Google Docs as an application on Android, users can now create, edit, share and upload documents using their Androids.

It`s been three days and Google Docs is reaching heights in the Android Market.

Features : -
  • Lets users create, edit, share and upload documents(Text documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations).
  • Lets users convert images into text and then into Google Docs(uses OCR).Won`t recognize handwriting or some fonts but can recognize unformatted text in English.
  • Home Screen Shortcut lets you access Google Docs quickly.
  • Lets users print documents using Android phones.
  • One can access PDF files via Google Docs.
  • Acts as a alternative to Office.
  • Lets you accomplish printing jobs on the go.
  • Lets users share document with phone contacts.
  • Freely available in the Android Market.
Requires Android : – Android 2.1 and up.
Now one can use Google Docs instead of default document viewer and editor on Android Phones. Stay tuned for more updates and let us know what do you think about Google Docs via comments.

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