Tuesday, March 29

Stay Updated With Google Alerts

Google alerts are updates of the latest relevent Google results, that notifies users when the new content from news, web, blogs matches a set of search terms selected by the user and stored by the Google alerts service.One can access these notifications through users e-mails,iGoogle page or web feeds.These contents are from Google`s own search engine.Using Google alerts is a beneficial service if one wants to keep a close eye on any type of news regarding any topic of his/her interest.
A Google Account is required to use this service.

Instructions to use Google alerts
  • Visit Google alerts.
  • Specify your search terms and types to get the alerts.
  • Set the frequency when you want to get these alerts like "once a day", "as-it-happens" or "once a week".
  • Provide your email address as a destination to these alerts and finally hit the "Create Alert" button to recieve these alerts in a specified manner.
How To Cancel the undesired Google Alerts :
  • Visit Google alerts. 
  • Click on "click here to manage your alerts".
  • Now mark the unwanted alerts and click on delete.
  • After that you won`t get anymore emails regarding the deleted alerts.
Now get set to explore your gmail accounts in order to catch up with the latest information by one and only Google.

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