Saturday, January 29

5 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Some Google Chrome Extension to debugg, optimize and understanding a web application, website in Google Chrome. These extensions lets you access deep working of web browsers and their web application and help you in easy learning the aspects of Web Development.

  • Web Developer : This extension is a must for every web developers. It is embedded with various webpage tweaking tools. Using this one can review the web pages in a more efficient way and also help the beginners to understand the working of webpages and their layouts and much more.

  • Scribe Free : It is a blog editor and lets you post to blogs from Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, Tumblr, Posterous, Xanga, LiveJournal, or any other blog that supports the MetaWeblog or MovableType APIs. Lets you edit,update,delete and much more. Comes with a simple interface and one will feel that this is the easiest way to update your blog.

  • Chrome Editor Lite : Lets you edit html right inside the web browser and allows you to code within the browser. You can save your coding for further use. It is WYSIWYG and easy to learn to use.

  • Pendule : Just similiar like Web Developer,it is also a web developement tool for Google Chrome Users loaded with number of tools. Using this extension, one can tweak the web page in number of ways.

  • View Selection Source : This extension lets you view selected source in a resizable pop up. Very useful for web developers and a great tool for java debugging purpose. To use this,first select some text or any part of the webpage and then click on the View Selection Source icon to view the source of selected part.
Grab them and have fun learning.

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