Thursday, July 7

How To Backup All Your Online Profiles

Some days back, I wrote about how to back up Facebook Account, but then I realize that our online life is not confined to Facebook only, so this post is about how to back up all our social media profiles and mail boxes too. Don`t worry you don`t have to keep toiling every online account to back up them. Backupify is one such online service which can back up all your social media profiles and mail boxes that too in a single place, safe and secure.

Using Backupify is as easy as switching on/off your pc. Just Sign up, choose your account type categorized by storage space and price and from right there you can start backing up your online content. There are three types of accounts available
Account Type Storage Space Cost
Personal 1 GB Free
MyCloud 100 10 GB $4.99 per month
MyCloud 500 Unlimited $19.99 per month
You need to authenticate every account you add for backup by granting access to Backupify service to back up your data. With Backupify one can back up all these services listed down in the image. And to your surprise they backup everything you have put on your social media account from friend list to messages and much more. Moreover you can configure it what do you want to back up as per your need. You just need to add the desired account to create a backup of the same. For security reasons, it`s  stored in a non readable form. And you can download that content to your local disk too and can restore when required. In all, this service is easy and secure to use.
Backup Social Media profiles
But the integration of newly born Google+/GooglePlus is missing. So how to download all your data from Google+/GooglePlus. For that, you need to
  • Login to your Google+/GooglePlus account here.
  • Click on Account Settings.
Click on Account Settings
  • Click on Data Liberation, and download all your data on Google.
Google data liberation
  • Click on Download your data to download all the data listed in the image or you can choose any particular one to download too.
So that`s all about creating a backup of all your online accounts. But I found this service very useful to back up my blog and that too with all the posts and images separately. Kinda feeling secure. Are you ?


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