Thursday, July 21

Export/Import Bookmarks With Transmute

Exporting and importing bookmarks between two browsers is kind of mess and they may not read each others exported bookmarks. And one cannot even think of doing it manually when one is having loads of bookmarks to their favorite online stuff. But a better solution to this is to use a third-party tool which performs the jobs in just few clicks and saves your time too.

Transmute is a tool available in both installable and portable version, allows users to export/import bookmarks between two browsers. Using this tool is quite simple. Lets go through a short tutorial about the same.
Transmute in action
  • Download and install Transmute.
  • Select the source and target browser for the export/import to take place between the two browsers followed by the start button.
NOTE : Always close corresponding web browsers before exporting.
Beside the conversion task, Transmute can:-
Transmute featuresbut these features are available in paid application (Transmute Plus and Transmute Pro).
List of browsers supported by Transmute.Browsers supported by TransmuteTransmute is also available for Android users too. Download it from Android Market by searching for Transmute.
Transmute makes the switching between browsers all the more easier by exporting bookmarks in just few clicks. 
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