Friday, April 8

ZeroPC – Web Based Desktop[Cloud Computing]

Experience Desktop over the Web, that`s what the ZeroPC is all about.
Cloud Computing on its peak, and this is one realization of the same. It`s Desktop over the web simplifying your web surfing experience. Provides access to all the service within a single browser tab. Zero PC is a great innovation in itself, setting example for the future of computing.
Features of Zero PC :
  • Provides browser based desktop in the cloud.
  • Provides fully functional desktop with the combined mettle of Web Apps, Local Apps and much more.
  • Makes sharing and accessing content easy.   
  • No software installation is required.
  • Functions are much similar to the normal desktop, provides drag n drop, right click, icons, themes, start menus, shortcuts, and much more facilities. Moreover customization of apps is allowed.
  • Is economical, you pay only $1 a month, instant Sign Up will credit your balance with $10 and a 50 GB storage space is yours.
  • Lets you access all the web services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Flickr and more in a single browser tab.
  • Web storage providers like Google Docs, and SugarSync lets you store your digital content in the cloud securely with no worries of computer crashes and viruses.
Using such a great service is so much fun as there`s no worries of malicious threats and software crashes. All we need is an Internet Connection and a Web Browser. So, Get Started and use this future technology at ease.
Do share your experience. What part of ZeroPC you like the most?
ZeroPC now introduced a freemium(free with premium facilities) account which allows the users to enjoy a free space up to whooping 14 GB totally free along with some additional storage. Take a look at services offered by it and grab it if you are feeling lucky.
Recently, ZeroPC launched a powerful cloud content navigator, which allows you navigate all your cloud storage services via a single login.   

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  1. Cloud computing a very good enhancement in the IT.Now most of companies has launched thier such kind of services.They are offering their cloud desktop and other virtual sevices as well.