Wednesday, April 6

Optimize Web Pages With Page Speed Online

Recently, Google announced Page Speed Online, which analyzes the content of your webpage like images, template glitches, and then provides minute details about how one can optimize that web page to load faster.
Page Speed Online is simple to use, you just have to enter your web page URL to make it work for you. One can perform this test online or it is also available as an add – on for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
This tool is of great help to a web developer which provides suggestions to optimize a website. Page Speed evaluates how well your web pages either eliminate the error altogether, parallelize them, and shorten the time they take to complete, resulting in a better loading time of your web pages. Moreover, Google love those web pages which loads in no time. So to make your web pages Google friendly, one should definitely integrate this tool in their web page optimization process.
Page Speed also optimize your web pages for better loading time on mobile phones too. Page Speed Online provides us a score out of 100 along with the suggestions which tells about the status of our web pages and how one can eliminate them.
I`ve also included the snap shot of my score.
So make your web pages Google friendly with Page Speed Online, and do not forget to share your score with us.

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