Sunday, October 2

Do We Really Need a Kindle Fire? When We Can Kindle Everywhere

Yet the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet priced right, but No 3G, No Camera, what kind of Tablet is that, on top, claims to beat iPad!! Well Amazon, get your feet's on ground. And to those who still want to go for it, there are lots of alternatives where you can enjoy Kindle books without having to use a Kindle Fire Tablet. Be it your PC, Mac, Android, Blackberry or any Apple product Kindle Reader is everywhere, even on cloud too.

So let me introduce the Kindle Application you are going to use everywhere.
Kindle being the best source for book worms, is now everywhere and provides the best reading experience along with a thousands of free books, not satisfied with that even, you can shop Kindle store to buy over one million books in which most of the books(770,000) priced below $9.99 or less. But selecting the best one to go for, is a mess which creates confusion. But that`s not the point anymore, when you can grab a sample to read for free(includes the first chapter only). Adjustment related to text size is the basic norm in all the Kindle Applications.
So grab your copy for PC, Mac OS X 10.6 and above, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch, Windows Phone 7, even on Cloud too
As now you can read Kindle books everywhere, that`s where the technology known as Whispersync came into action which saves and synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across your devices and the users can continue where they left before, on any of the device.
Here`s a bit of Kindle App in Action
With that only one thing came into my mind. Kindle Kindle Everywhere, But No Kindle(Fire) To Read. 
What about you? Do share your thoughts.

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