Sunday, October 23

Chat, Share Files On LAN With Squiggle LAN Messenger

There are situations when computers are connected on LAN and has to chat, share content within the two systems lacking Internet connection between the two nodes. So to make things work, Squiggle is one free and open source tool which lets the users to chat on LAN provided the two people are using the same software. Not only they can chat but can also share files between the two systems.

Features of Squiggle -
  • No installation required, just download and start using.
  • Server-Less P2P LAN chat.
  • Users can use it for group chat, private chat or broadcast chat.
  • Let users share files instantly, we can also share multiple files simultaneously.
  • Not only text, you can use this tool for voice chat too.
  • Available in number of languages.
  • Notifications, alerts are also supported.
  • Users can also view previous chat history too(can also preserve conversation on Window close).
  • Emoticons, Buzz features are also included so that users can express their feelings too along with the message.
  • This tool can act as a bridge for connecting two LANs across the subnet or WAN.
  • Last but not the least, it`s easy to use.
These are some features which makes it a better tool from others.
squiggle lan messenger
To Use This Tool, You Need To Have -
Download  - Squiggle LAN Messenger
Do let us know how it works out for you and do share such similar tools with us.

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