Monday, September 12

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts – How To Create Your Own

Long time back, I compiled a list of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts, though a small one, but I tried to covered the most used and the one which are really helpful to the users. One day, one of my reader asks for some more, then I thought to write a post on how to create shortcuts for Windows 7. Go through this easy tutorial on how to create keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 and create one for yourself.

How To Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 7?
  • Right click on the desktop. Then New>>Shortcut.
Create Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts
  • A wizard will pop up which will guide you through the rest of steps to create keyboard shortcuts of your desired programs.
Create Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts menu
  • Browse to the location of the desired program or type one to create a keyboard shortcut. Here I`m going to create a Windows 7 keyboard shortcut for Freemake Video Converter.
Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut For Freemake Video converter
  • Click OK, then Next, name the shortcut for the program which will be displayed on the desktop. Now the shortcut on Desktop is ready, to create a Keyboard shortcut of the same, right-click and move on to Properties.
Freemake Video Converter Desktop Shortcut Right Click
  • Move to Shortcut Key under Shortcut Tab in Properties, and press the desired keyboard key(any alphabet) which will create a shortcut for the desired program.
Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut Created
From now you can use the program(here Freemake Video Converter) using the keyboard shortcut you just created. In the similar way, you can create shortcut for any programs which you often use.
Do drop your doubts and comments for any of your requirements. Would love to hear from you.

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