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One Click WordPress Installation To Deploy Websites Locally On PC

As we all know WordPress is one of the best blogging platform till date. For online WordPress installation, there are tools like SimpleScript or Fantastico De luxe using which we can install WordPress in just few minutes. But what if a user does not want to spend some extra bucks paying for Web hosting and other necessary expenditure to run and install WordPress, yet want to learn, deploy WordPress websites via installing it locally on their computer. There are tricks to install WordPress locally on computers to deploy WordPress website/blog. But sometimes, at someplace users get stuck with the installation process. But here I have a great solution to this problem which provides WordPress Installation in just a single click.

So let`s get started.
Instant WordPress - One Click WordPress Installation Locally On PC
Instantwp is a free, standalone, portable WordPress development environment for Windows using which we can install WordPress in just a click. It turns any Windows machine into a WordPress Development server which allows the users to deploy the website/blog locally on PC. Instantwp is created by Seamus Brady, a software developer from Dublin, Ireland.
What`s inside this installation– Instantwp
  • This single click installation has it`s own built-in Apache web server, PHP and MySQL installations that are started and stopped automatically. Having Instantwp in hand, we don`t need to install XAMP, WAMP or manual installation of PHP, Apache, MySQL to carry out the server setup to install WordPress.
  • This installation has a built in demo blog using which the users can try their hands on plugins and themes and other WordPress features without harming their original website/blogs.
  • What I`m using here is, Instant WordPress 4.1 which supports WordPress 3.2, Apache 2.2.15 (Win32) , PHP 5.3.2 , MySQL 5.1.46-community-nt.
How To Install Instant WordPress On Your PC?
It is as easy as installing any extensions or plugins to the web browser.
Instant WordPress Welcome Screen
  • Download Instant WordPress and double-click to start the installation process.
  • Once done, kick-start it by clicking on InstantWP application file. Voila it`s done.
  • You can also install Instant WordPress on to a USB key, it`s portable.
  • To access the WordPress Admin use(USERNAME – “admin”, PASSWORD – “password”, without quotes) and to access the MySQL Admin use(USERNAME – “admin” leave the password field blank)
WordPress Login Web Page
Why Instant WordPress – Advantages Of Using It
  • Apart from being the best blogging platform, bloggers tends to use different plugins and themes to sort out their jobs, but a single faulty plugin or theme can ruin your hard work in no time. So before trying any plugin/theme on to your live website/blog, you can try using it on your local WordPress blog/website to ensure safety.
  • Students keen to learn, test and develop WordPress websites, actually get stuck with it`s lengthy installation, but Instant WordPress is the best way to install it and get started within few minutes.
  • Saves your internet data usage.
Do you find Instant WordPress useful? Do drop your queries via comments.


  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome information about this powerful plugin. I will test it :)

  2. Your Welcome Olawale Daniel, it`s a must have tool for every WordPress user. :)

  3. Congrat!! Amit

    you have done a wonderful, it s great plugin but i have doubt that who ever want to develop using WordPress Platform must HAVE the knowledge of PHP & MySQL.

    Hope you have got my point.

  4. Thanks Nikhil S, if you want to learn, deploy or want to have deep understanding of the topic then knowledge of PHP and MySQL is a must.

  5. DesktopServer at is like this, but supports fake domain names for multiple virtual servers. Designers usually juggle more then one project and that is pretty essential.

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