Friday, September 23

7 Tools To Create Video Tutorials - (Screencasting Tools)

Do you know, video blogging can really boost up your blog/website in SERPs. But not all bloggers can buy the expensive equipment to create videos or video tutorials. But answer me, do you really need a cam or other expensive stuff to create video tutorials? Hell, NO! Then what are you waiting for! Just grab some of these tools to create video tutorials and wait for a positive insights on your YouTube channels. There are some tools which captures the desktop screen(screen casting.

Here I have compiled a list of some online and some desktop applications which can be used to create video tutorials.
Tools To Create Screencasts, Video Recording
Open source and free streaming video software which allows the users to create screencast with ease. Records the activities on desktop in AVI formats which can be converted to SWF. Contains a plethora of features and is one of the most used in it`s category.
Easy to use online tool which lets you capture the monitor screen(screen casting), screen cast can be shared with friends, can be embedded to blog/website too. Screenr or other online screen casting tools requires Java, as they run applets to actually implement the whole process. Screenr can also records sound too.
Much similar to Screenr, another worth trying online tool but not free to use. Videos captured using this online tool can be later uploaded to SOM(Screencast-o-Matic), YouTube or users also have an option to save it video files having three video formats to save in to ( MP4, AVI, FLV), along with that users also have an option to add notes, captions to the videos and lot more. Pro version costs $12/yr.
Jing(Windows or Mac)
Jing available for both Mac and Windows, comes with a cool and easy to use user interface which allows users to record videos along with sound, one can capture screen shots too. Once done with the video recording, users can share the recorded videos to number of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr or your own FTP server. Jing is available in both Free and Pro versions($14.95/yr).
Another online tool to record videos or create screen casts. No need to sign up, no installation required just start recoding the videos instantly using this java based online tool. Number of links are provided to the users once they are done recording the video, which can be used to embed the videos or access it directly to use it accordingly.
Open source and free to use application for Windows which not only allows users to create screencasts but also lets them to tweak the video later to add voice, text  and support some sort of customizations too.
Written in Java is another compact tool with lots of features and settings to tweak the video your way. It can record videos including sound or selected regions of screens. Krut uses quicktime mov format as a default.

Sometimes we bloggers, don`t feel like writing lengthy tutorials where these tools come into action. Not only that, video blogging also shows your seriousness, interest towards blogging, towards helping your readers. So grab one of these and start creating video tutorials right away. Please comment with some more exciting tools which can be added to this list.


  1. YOu forgot the most popular software of this category Camestasia. Well give a try and put your review here.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion rakesh, will try it soon :)