Monday, August 29

How To Create Portable Application Using JauntePE

Portable means “Carried or moved with ease” and apps means “piece of software”. This tutorial is all about how to create portable apps, which when stored on Flash Drives or USB thumb drives, can be used on other`s computers. If you are a geek who likes to travel a lot and would like to carry all your data portably, then I would recommend you to use this mere application which can convert the regular executable files to portable one`s within few steps. Here goes the tutorial.
  • Open JauntePE.
  • Select Basic Package Type, from the drop down menu in New.
Select Basic Package Type - JauntePE
  • The use of different packages determines how the portable apps will launch and what all data is stored portably. You can see the image below what all data is stored portably using the Basic Package Type via the Isolation section.
JauntePE - Basic Package Type
  • Now time to input the application for which we want to create portable app. Here I`m taking the example of PDF Xchange Viewer, using Add drop down menu, select App, then move onto Install.
Select Apps - Install via Add drop down menu
  • Now grab the .exe or .zip file as an input to the JauntePE. Here I`m using .exe(Executable) file and finally click on Open.
Select the exe or zip file - JauntePE
  • Now you will see “PDF Xchange Viewer portable install” in the launcher list as shown in the image below. Double Click the portable install entry to start the installation process(portably).
EXE file portable launcher list - JauntePE
  • Once the installation is finished, the only step is left out is to create the launcher for this portably installed app which helps in running the application portably using the Flash Drives. How to do it? Select Add>>Install>>Launcher>>In-Package App. Use the image below for the reference.
Create launcher for the portabli installed app - JauntePE
  • A list of all the executable files will appear, contained in the portable file system. Double click the PDF Xchange Viewer App to create the launcher.
Select the program applicaition - JauntePE
  • Save the above done work using File>>Save the portable app to any folder. This folder consists of application launcher executable along with a JPE sub-folder containing the portable runtime, registry, and file system. Here`s the snapshot for the same.
Portable application folder
Now carry them into your Flash drives or USB thumb drives to use them portably, anywhere, anytime.
Do you find this tutorial useful? Download – JauntePE.

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