Sunday, June 12

Back Up Your BlogSpot Blog [How To]

BlogSpot is a free blogging platform and used mostly by beginners. As a beginner, one tends to experiment a lot by tweaking it to use it their way. For a secure experimenting, backup of BlogSpot blog is a necessary step, so that if something goes wrong, one can restore it`s entire blog.
Blogger BackupAlthough, BlogSpot blogs allows importing and exporting of the BlogSpot blog which is one way to backup your BlogSpot Blog.
Backup your Blogspot BlogBut, if someone want to backup each and every posts separately along with the comments(to your local disk), then Blogger Backup is one essential tool which can help you in doing so. Just provide the Blogger ID and Blogger Password and backup your blog.enter Blogger ID and PasswordDo enjoy experimenting with your BlogSpot Blog, but don`t forget to backup your Blog first.
Grab this tool here : Blogger Backup.
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