Friday, May 6

Share Android Apps With Friends

Hello Android Users, it would be a great fun if you can share your must have Android Apps with your friends. Sharing via emails and tell him/her to search that App in Android Market seems so inefficient. Right?
So here`s the solution for this. Just download and install one of these Sharing Apps and share Apps on the go.
  • Bump
Just fist bump your Android phone to share the Apps you love with your friend`s Android device. Just a fist bump and you can share your Apps, Photos, Contacts. Moreover after this fist bump, you are able to text them free too. With Bump you can share Apps with iPad, iPhones and iPods too as it works cross platform. All you need is an internet connection through Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge
Note :- When you are ready to bump, make sure you are on a page that has the Bump hands indicating that the phone is ready to bump as shown in the image. If you aren't, simply close whichever page you are on and then you should be ready to go.
bumpbump share Appsbump share Apps1
(Image Credit :- Android Market)

Requires Android :- 2.1 and up

Download link (Android Market) :- Bump

Official Website :- Bump Technologies, Inc. 

  • Share Apps
Another great way to share Android Apps is Share Apps reaching out to the lower Android Platforms too. Share Apps provides the Android users a number of ways to share via Bluetooth, messaging, Facebook and more. Share Apps comes with a user friendly interface which lets you share Apps easily.
Share AppsShare Apps easily
(Image Credit :- Android Market )

Requires Android :- 1.6 and up

Download link (Android Market) :- Share Apps

  • ShareMyApps
Another very handy app to share Apps with your friends. ShareMyApps is one the good sharing application in the Android Market. Lets users create a list of Apps with caption defining the App to send it your friends via number of ways(QR code, email, SMS, Bluetooth).
ShareMyApps easily ShareMyApps sharingShareMyApps add note
(Image Credit :- Android Market)

Requires Android :- 1.5 and up

Download Link (Android Market) :-ShareMyApps

  • Appsfire: Hot Apps & Free Apps

This App not only lets you share Apps with your friends but also narrow down your searches to some of the popular Apps out their in the Android Market. One can say this is an all in one Android App taking care of your extra needs. This App alone lets users share apps via number of sharing options(Facebook, Twitter, SMS,email and more), lets users install Apps on SD card(for Android 2.2 only) in a single click. Moreover Appsfire supports iOS and Android Apps.

 AppsfireAppsfire screen shotAppsfire share apps(Image Credit :- Android Market)

Requires Android :- 1.6 and up

Download link (Android Market) :- Appsfire : Hot Apps & Free Apps

So get started sharing your must have Apps with your friends as we all know sharing is caring.Which one are you using? Do share your experience with us via comments.


  1. Nice one here! I really like your post because its very interesting to know that you can now share your android applications. This features are indeed fun, exciting and entertaining. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks a lot Lauderadale, M glad you liked it..And sharing Android apps is a unique fun in

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  4. This sort of sharing is very helpful, and it's the type of thing that would be helpful for every app developer. You'd think they'd bundle Bump within every app just so that everyone would have it, and then everyone would have every app. They'd be more likely to check out each app if it's sitting there on their phones.

  5. @Vanquis - But sharing Apps via Bluetooth is much better option as compared to Bump as it requires internet connection.