Monday, May 16

Create Digital Mosaic Patterns Online

Digital Mosaic is an art of creating image with the assembly of millions of images used in a single image where each image used is considered as a pixel and are arranged in a non overlapping fashion. Creating Digital Mosaic using image editing tools is a cumbersome task. But here the easy way of doing the same.
frintrFrintr by Tombh, is one online service which lets you create digital mosaic out of your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace friends. Frintr uses your friends photographs and assemble them in a non overlapping fashion in order to create digital mosaic for you. With Frintr you can create digital mosaic within seconds. Remember, more number of friends, more refined and less repetitive the final collage will appear. Here is my digital mosaic using Frintr.
apple_mosaicNo sign up is required to use the service, visit Frintr and log in using your Facebook, Twitter or MySpace account and get started to create one for yourself and do not forget to share it with your friends.
What do you think about this service?

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