Tuesday, February 22

Read EBooks on Phone Without Using Ebook Reader

read PDF on Phone
Today I was wondering how one can read EBooks on mobile phone which don`t support any EBook Reader Application. Later I came up with this trick which I would like to share with you all. So to implement this trick you need to open the desired EBook in any PDF reader(on PC) like Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Xchange Viewer etc.
Here I`m using PDF Xchange Viewer. So after opening the desired file, select the whole document and paste it in Notepad for storage purpose. Now you need an HTML editor like Coffee Cup or
choose any WYSIWYG web editor, here I`m using Adobe Dreamweaver.So to get started, Create a new HTML document.
Dreamweaver HTML file
Now to deal with HTML files we have three different views in Adobe Dreamweaver(Code, Split, Design View). Choose Design view as shown in the image below. This is the important step.
Dreamweaver HTML design view
Paste the E - book or PDF file in the Design View and save it.
Transfer the .htm file to your phone and open it to read the document.
You can save the PDF file in form of chapters by selecting one at a time thus simplifying your reading experience on phone. 
Note :- This trick works great for text only PDF files.

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  1. This trick works wella. Thanks for sharing this :)