Friday, January 28

AllMyApps - Install Multiple Programs in a Go

Again installing required apps after formatting the computer needs considerable amount of time and effort. Beside installing the OS, we also need to reinstall a dozen of software programs. So to enjoy doing this, you must visit AllMyApps.
It is an online apps store that lets you quickly organise your list of softwares programs and then install them onto your computer once. AllMyApps hosts a huge collection of free and paid softwares to fulfill your needs.
Here in, we can built a list of desired softwares and then install them at once.

Advantages of AllMyApps : 
  • Hosts huge list of softwares.
  • Provides latest versions of software programs.
  • Once a list is created,it is stored and available on your profile whenever you want.
  • User friendly interface to manage your applications.
  • Lets you stay informed about updates.
  • Search and browse by categories.
  • Saves much time and effort.
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