Thursday, October 21

Essential Web Development Tools

To develop a best website, takes a great deal of planning and preparation.One of the important planning is to grab Essential Web Development Tools.So lets check some of them now.

HTML Editors
 HTML Editor is a software program to create and edit HTML documents.So here are some popular editors.
This is a popular WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) HTML Editor.Great tool for beginners and advance users.
This tool has a built in browser that enable you to preview your HTML.Great tool for beginners and advance users too.

Graphic Editor
Graphic Editor is a software that enables you to design and edit graphics.Most popular Graphic Editor is Paint Shop Pro.

File Transfer Protocol used to upload and download files to and from web server.An FTP program will enable you to upload scripts, set file permissions, create folders and transfer files to and from your server.In order to use this we need to download and install a software program on our computer.One of the best for you is here WS FTP Pro

Zip/Unzip Software
Zip files are use to compress and transport file over the Internet. Once a Zip file is downloaded, it can be easily opened and extracted (unzipped) with a Zip/Unzip software program.There are many Zip software programs available on the Internet,Winzip is the most popular.It provides an easy point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface for viewing, extracting, adding, deleting and testing archived file.Download Winzip(fully functional)

E - Mail Clients
The two most popular email clients used online are Outlook and Eudora. These programs will enable you to download email from your server.They also provide features, such as sorting and
filtering, and will enable you to easily organize your email messages.What's more, your email address will be your own domain -- not someone else's.
So visit and check
Eudora and Outlook

So get started to develop and design a proffessional website...
Thank You.

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